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Beijing Jingtaiheng Safety Inspection Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in early 2005. It is a domestic-funded company integrating product design, manufacturing, sales and service. It has high-quality R&D, management and technical personnel. relying on scientific and rigorous management system, it is equipped with perfect science and technology and testing conditions, and comprehensively implements ISO 9001 quality. Quantity management system.

Since its establishment, the company has been focusing on the production and operation of "Jingtaiheng" brand metal detection security door, X-ray baggage security detector, metal detector, liquid detector, explosive drug detector, car bottom detection system, explosion-proof tank, explosion-proof blanket and other security equipment. Continuous introduction of advanced technology from abroad and extensive technical exchanges and cooperation with well-known domestic science and technology institutes have enriched the company's technological heritage and rapidly transformed many scientific research technologies into finished products. Technological level has been far ahead of similar products in the same industry in China. It has kept pace with foreign products. It has high detection, high sensitivity and accurate positioning. It is a necessary auxiliary inspection equipment for security inspectors.

The company regards "product quality" as its life, strictly controls the production and manufacturing links in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard, and successively obtains various qualifications of European and American export products. At present, the integration of upstream and downstream industrial chains of products is gradually realized, so as to better meet the interests of distributors and customers.

The company operates in accordance with the law, based on honesty and steady development, as its management policy; regards "satisfying customers" as the highest standard for evaluating service quality; regards "zero" defect of products as the goal, as the guarantee of product quality; does things with honesty and responsibility; competes with strength and quality as "Jingtaiheng" enterprise. Spirit.

It is our duty and obligation to provide you with the best quality products and services.


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