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   At present the world terrorist crime is rampancy day by day, more and more moves towards indiscriminately slaughters the innocent and the bloody road, the sports competition, the activity concert, the concert, the exhibition, the theatrical performance and so on the big star, the mass activity, has the activity place to be public, the scale is big, participation population many and so on the characteristic, moreover personnel's denseness and security work arduous has decided it is easy to be attacked by the terrorist activityThe State Council promulgated the Regulations on the Safety Management of Large-scale Mass Activities, Decree No.505 of the State Council, which came into effect on October 1, 2007. The Regulations specifically define the scope, content, form and management of large-scale mass activities.It clarifies the safety responsibilities of the undertakers of large-scale mass activities, the managers of the venues, and the responsibilities of the public security organs, and stipulates the safety regulations for holding large-scale activities.

In order to build the iron wall for the security of large-scale group activities, it is necessary to carry out safety inspection on vehicles and personnel entering the place, as well as the articles they carry, and to carry out safety and explosion-proof inspection on the place of activity.Personnel check the crowd entering the place, distinguish between driving and not carrying bags, carry hand bags, put personal items into the X-ray baggage detection system for inspection, while personnel through the security gate for human body detection, and use hand-held metal detectors for further confirmation.

Vehicle detection, safety inspection of vehicles entering the site.

Explosive detection, with portable explosive detectors, for the inspection of specific suspected objects and suspicious items.

Liquid detection, equipped with liquid detection equipment, used to check the personnel carrying liquid.

Temporary storage of dangerous goods, when explosives are found, suspicious explosives are quickly placed in closed temporary storage tanks of dangerous goods.




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