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Express Logistics


    In recent years, The state has issued a series of laws and regulations, For regulating the express industry operation activities, One of them is to require the express company purchase security machine, The express package for 100% of the package security, The reason is that with the rapid development of the express industry, Illegal elements use express channel for illegal and criminal activities of the case increasing day by day, Security problemsIt is difficult to prevent, and the problems involving terrorism, violence, drugs and guns that endanger national security in the process of delivery have become dangerous factors seriously affecting public safety.

On August 14, 2011, a parcel explosion occurred at an express delivery point in Hangzhou, causing minor burns to two employees. In 2015, 17 express parcel explosions occurred in Liuzhou, Guangxi, resulting in seven deaths, two missing contacts and 51 injuries.

As a result, the express industry equipped with the necessity of security inspection machine can not be ignored, Beijing Taiheng through civil air defense, material defense, security equipment and logistics company assembly line docking operation, customized express logistics industry security solutions, effectively eliminate express, logistics industry security risks.

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