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rail traffic

   The development of rail transit has brought convenience to people's lives, but it is undeniable that the problem of threatening the safety of rail transit has become increasingly prominent, and rail transit has become the key target of terrorists to create social panic.Because of the particularity of rail transit, once a violent terrorist incident occurs, the consequences are unimaginable.Therefore, it has become increasingly important to check the people and things entering the rail transit.As an important area of safety prevention, rail transit security involves legal facilities, manpower and equipment and other aspects.Without violating personal rights, it is necessary to use security inspection machines, security doors and technical detectors, liquid detectors, explosive drug detectors and other scientific and technological means to carry out security checks, using scientific and technological means to prevent accidents.Security inspection equipment should be combined with the layout of the building, as far as possible placed in a position that does not affect passengers entering and leaving the station, does not affect passengers buying tickets, does not affect the evacuation of people, reasonable arrangement of placement sites, to ensure convenient, timely and safe use.

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